Sapphire Announces Radeon HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition Graphics Card

We can't say Sapphire's late to the Radeon HD 7770 party, simply because Sapphire was there from the get-go. However, we can say that Sapphire is perhaps staying longer than most other party goers, choosing now to launch its new 'Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition' variant with an "exclusive implementation of Vapor chamber cooling technology."

First things first. The card boasts 1GB of the latest GDDR5 memory and is factory overclocked with a core clockspeed of 1,100MHz and a memory clockspeed of 1,300MHz (5.2GB/s effective). That's a bit faster than a reference spec'd GHz Edition card, which sports a 1,000MHz engine clock and 1,125MHz memory clockspeed.

To keep the card cool, Sapphire employed a dual-fan heatsink with Vapor Chamber Technology that the company is pretty proud of. It's based on the same principles as heatpipe technololgy, but differs in design and implementation, essentially flattening the whole cooling system into a slim chamber. Sapphire actually posted a white paper if you want to digest all the nitty-gritty details.

No word yet on when the new card will be available or for how much.