Sanyo's New Gorilla PNDs Track Your Location in 10 Seconds (Sort of)

Just before the weekend, Sanyo held a lunchtime press conference in Japan to show off its latest line of Gorilla series personal navigation devices (PNDs), including the NV-SD740DT, NV-SB570DT, and NV-SB550DT.

According to Sanyo, all three models significantly shorten the time it takes to detect your current location. By analyzing signals for the "location information," "time information," and "trajectory information" from four different satellites, the new PNDs are able to pinpoint your location in as quick as 10 seconds after boot. Serving as somewhat of a wet blanket, however, Sanyo also says this can take several minutes depending on receiving conditions.

All three models also come with 16GB of memory, LED backlighting, detailed Maps with a 5m maximum zoom, landscape and portrait modes, and a handful of other marketing bullets. Where the three differ is mainly in size, with the mid-range NV-SB570DT sporting a 5-inch monitor (compared to 7-inch on the high-end model), a mono 1W speaker, and a VICS traffic module, the latter of which is not included in the entry-level NV-SB550DT.

No word yet on price or release date.