Sanyo Prototype Projector Is Bigger Than You

You're probably pretty proud of that 24" LCD that you use to play the hottest titles at 1080p or above, but what if we told you those same games (and those same resolutions) could be seen on a 150" screen -- and you wouldn't even need a home theater space to make it happen? Now that we have your attention, take a close look at the coffin-like box below. That, believe it or not, is a projector.

Just as netbook-like computing power was only possible by linking vacuum tubes and power cables in a warehouse, this is likely the first of many sure-to-be-smaller versions of Sanyo's short-range 1080p beamer. The unnamed device, which measures an incredible 93" x 20" x 25", has the ability to project a 1920 x 1080 image (Full HD) at 100 inches while being just two feet from the wall ahead. Two feet! If that's just not large enough, a 150" image can be accomplished with just one more foot of space.

The unit utilizes Sanyo's ultra-short focus projection technology. which reportedly "combines projector lenses and concave mirrors and projects light from the upper surface of the device." The brightness level is a staggering 7000 lumens, which means it can project a visible image even in dimly lit rooms. Furthermore, the DLP-based PJ boasts a color reproduction range that is nearly double that of typical LCD TVs; specifically, the color gamut is 170% of the NTSC standard. The craziest part? Sanyo actually hopes to commercialize this thing in 2012.

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