Sanyo Launches Higher Capacity Eneloop Batteries for Power Hungry Devices

If you follow the rechargeable battery scene at all, then you're undoubtedly familiar with Sanyo's Eneloop brand, the go-to option for batteries that come fully charged from the get-go and don't lose their juice nearly as fast as your average rechargeable. But if there's a downside to Eneloop batteries, it's that they don't compete with higher capacity units. Or at least they didn't used to.

Sanyo just announced a couple new additions to its Eneloop lineup, the Eneloop Pro and Eneloop Plus. The Eneloop Pro boasts a 25 percent higher capacity than regular Eneloop batteries, making it better suited for power hungry devices like digital cameras, strobe lights, and flashlights.

The Eneloop Plus features an overheat prevention function that suppresses overheating in case of improper use. So if you're a nervous Nelly worried about little Johnny setting himself on fire, this is the battery of choice for toys.

Sanyo's also launching the "Wireless Charging Carrying Case," which can wirelessly recharge Eneloop batteries. Unfortunately, the charger and the new batteries are destined only for Japan, at least initially. The Eneloop Pro will be available starting July 21 and the Eneloop Pro charger set will go on sale September 21. The Eneloop Plus and its charger set will go on sale December 1.