Sanyo Eneloop Music Booster Recharges Your Portable Tune Makers

Sanyo's Eneloop charging system has been growing at a rapid pace, but obviously not quite rapid enough. The company has just unleashed its latest in the line: the Eneloop Music Booster. As you might expect, this device is a rechargeable DV9V battery unit made specifically for music devices, and while most modern day music players will last at least half a day on a full charge, there's always that pinch when traveling where you just don't have time to sit by an AC outlet and let the battery recharge.

Put simply, this device will recharge any portable unit that utilizes a 9-volt DC power source, and it can also be recharged itself once drained. The device is even resistant to water, and Sanyo promises that there will not be any type of noise interference when used with other electrical equipment. It should be on sale in March of next year, with 3.5 hours of charging time bringing up to 50 hours of extra life to simple devices and at least 2 extra hours to more demanding products.

1. Rechargeable 9V power supply that can be used in locations without electricity

  Equipped with SANYO’s large-capacity lithium-ion battery technology, the ‘eneloop music booster’ is a power source that can be used in locations without electricity. Also, since it is rechargeable, it eliminates the hassle and waste of replacing and throwing out dry-cell batteries.
  As music devices such as effects units, amps, graphic equalizers, and multitrack recorders are usually used in combination with each other, the ‘eneloop music booster’ is equipped with two 9-volt power ports, and can power two 9V music devices at the same time.

2.Producing voltage that is more stable than a dry-cell battery, it provides consistent long-lasting sound quality

  The sound quality of music devices powered by batteries is greatly affected by changes in battery voltage. However, since the ‘eneloop music booster’ features voltage boosting technology, it can maintain a steady voltage right up until the power is exhausted, thereby providing consistent sound quality for a longer period of time, compared to a dry cell.
  Also, since there is no noise interference from surrounding electrical equipment that can occur when connected to an AC power outlet, the ‘eneloop music booster’ provides the best support to musicians during performances.

3.Three-stage remaining power indicator shows battery level at a glance, even during use

  To indicate the amount of power left in the battery, the ‘eneloop music booster’ is equipped with an LED light that changes color in three stages from green (over 60% power remaining), to orange (30% to 60% remaining), to red (less than 30%). This enables musicians to see the battery level at a glance, even during performances.
  It also has a switch to turn the power on and off, eliminating the inconvenience of having to turn off each connected music device separately. This feature offers added convenience when connected to devices such as effects units, which often do not have on/off switches and must be manually unplugged .

Other Feature

- The main unit of the ‘eneloop music booster’ is water resistant (JIS IPX3 compliant*3)

Background and Outline

  ‘eneloop’ originated from the concept of “looping energy”. Since the first release of ‘eneloop’ in November 2005, the product has received high market appraisal for its cost-effective and environmentally friendly features. In total, over 100 million ‘eneloop’ battery cells have been shipped to more than 60 countries worldwide (as of October 31, 2009). In 2006, SANYO began developing the ‘eneloop universe’ products, by expanding the ‘eneloop’ concept with new products such as the ‘eneloop solar charger’ and the rechargeable ‘eneloop kairo’ hand warmer. In 2007, SANYO began to develop the ‘eneloop mobile booster’ series of products for use as supplemental power sources and emergency chargers for various mobile devices. The series included the KBC-E1AS charger set equipped with a USB power port and powered by two AA-size ‘eneloop’ batteries, as well as the KBC-L2AS and L3AS models with USB power ports powered by lithium-ion batteries. In January 2010, SANYO plans to launch the ‘eneloop stick booster’, KBC-D1AS, as a handy power source with a USB power port.
  Most electronic music devices such as effects units, amps, graphic equalizers, and multitrack recorders operate using a 9-volt power source. In the past, these devices have relied on 9V dry-cell batteries (9V laminated batteries) or AC adapters. However, AC adapters cannot be used in locations without power outlets, and are susceptible to noise interference from nearby electrical equipment. With 9V batteries, stage musicians often need to use a lot of these batteries, creating the inconvenience and waste of having to replace them.
  The new ‘eneloop music booster’ is equipped with a high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and can be used in locations without power outlets. Producing a more stable voltage than a 9-volt battery, it helps provide constant sound quality over long periods of time, offering outstanding support to a wide range of musical performance needs.