Sanho's HyperJuice External Battery Pack Handles Two iPads, No Problem

Around here, we're always looking for more juice. More battery life. Another AC outlet. Wireless charging, for the masses. We aren't quite living in "the future," but Sanho has been providing portable power for a long, long while. Now, the company's introducing a new product, the HyperJuice Plug. It's a colorful battery pack that claims to be the world's first 15,600mAh portable pack that can charge two iPads at the same time. It also includes a retractable wall plug, two USB sockets and a realistic price point. It'll distribute 15W of energy over two USB ports, always delivering the maximum required charging power to connected USB devices. Many people have bemoaned the fact that iPad will only charge on "certain" chargers, and Sanho's looking to doubly solve that issue.

An iPhone/smartphone will always get 5W of power and an iPad/tablet will always get 10W, regardless of which USB port is used. If two iPads/tablets are connected at the same time, both will share the 15W power equally (7.5 W each), which is sufficient enough for iPad/tablet charging. In addition to the 15,600mAh HyperJuice Plug, a smaller 10,400mAh HyperJuice Plug will also be available.

Pricing? $129 for the small guy, and $159 for the larger one. Tempting, no?
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