SanDisk’s Capacious 200GB microSDXC Will Quench Your Mobile Storage Thirst

Mobile World Congress isn't just home to cool smartphones, and SanDisk proves it with its announcement of a jaw-dropping 200GB microSD card. Yes, 200GB - as in the storage capacity of 45 DVDs and 4 dual-layer Blu-ray discs on a memory card sporting a length of 15mm and thickness of 1mm.

What else can be said but, "wow!"?

With this much storage space, you'll be able to capture up to 20 hours of 1080p content - that's some serious freedom, right there. The card could also be used to store about ~100 720p movies, ~1,300 MP3 music albums, or ~20,000 high-res photos.

SanDisk 200GB microSD

Before you think, "But I can't use that in my phone!", it seems that you can if you use Android, as SanDisk's press release states, "Ideal for Android smartphone and tablet users". In a tablet, this card sounds like a dream.

As you no doubt expect, there's a serious premium to be paid if you want to own the highest-density microSD card on the market - we're talking $2 per GB, or $400 retail. That's at least double what a fast SSD costs per GB, but it's no surprise: this is 200GB in a card the size of a fingernail.

You sure wouldn't want to misplace one...