SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise: Secure Enough For Government Use

Remember all that hoopla surrounding President Obama's use of a standard BlackBerry? Surely you recall just how crazy our government is when it comes to security, so we're not shocked in the least to hear that SanDisk is caving to those strict requests in order to get its Cruzer flash drive certified for use by government employees.

The Cruzer itself has been around in various forms for years now, but the Cruzer Enterprise has just now notched enhancements that enable it to meet the wild requirements of functioning within the government. The Cruzer Enterprise design was independently tested and certified under Military Standard 810-F environmental standards in addition to being suitable for use by the visually-impaired under Section 508 requirements. The USB flash drives feature industry-leading cryptographic modules and encryption algorithms, durable waterproof design, and are fully compliant with Trade Agreements Act (TAA) requirements for purposes of U.S. Government procurements. In addition, the Cruzer Enterprise line of flash drives is listed for Common Criteria certification, which it is expected to receive next month.

So yeah, not only can these things survive drops, resist water and brush off attempts from hackers to break in and snag mission critical data. If it's good enough for Obama and Company, it's probably good enough for you--right?