SandForce Demonstrates Its SSD Processors With Toshiba 24nm MLC Flash

SandForce announced that it will be demonstrating its SF-2000 series SSD processors with Toshiba’s 24nm MLC NAND flash at the Flash Memory Summit 2011 in Santa Clara, CA this week. The two companies are working closely to improve the quality and performance of NAND flash as well as drive down costs.

The marriage is designed to deliver reliable, high-performing solutions for enterprise, client, and industrial computing markets in products such as, according to Shigeo Ohshima (Technology Executive, Memory Design and Application Engineering, Toshiba Corporation) “thin-and-light notebooks as well as mainstream enterprise applications.”

Toshiba’s space-efficient 24nm design allows for cheaper flash storage in a compact 2.5-inch form factor, while SandForce’s SF-2000 SSD processors deliver the bang with a 6Gbps SATA host interface, 60,000 sustained IOPS, and 500MBps balanced read and write speeds. Toshiba also delivers some of the performance with its 166 mega-transfers per second Toggle Flash.

In sum, this partnership is designed to make flash memory cheaper, better, and more quickly available, which is certainly a welcome development.

SandForce First to Demonstrate 24nm Toshiba MLC Flash for SSDs
Break-through 2nd Generation SSD Processors Continue to Set the Technology Standard for Volume SSD Deployment with Industry’s Most Advanced NAND Flash 

– August 9, 2011 – SandForce® Inc., the innovator of Solid State Drive (SSD) Processors that drive ubiquitous deployment of volume flash memory into primary and I/O intensive data storage applications, today announced the first public demonstration of its award-winning SSD Processors working in concert with the industry’s most aggressive NAND flash family for SSD applications -- 24 nanometer (nm) Multi-level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash from Toshiba. This product combination enables SandForce Driven™ SSD manufacturers to produce more affordable SSD products which will further accelerate adoption in the enterprise, client, and industrial computing markets that demand optimized reliability, performance, and power efficiency. Industry analyst Gartner (May 2011 forecast) reports SSD unit shipments in the three target markets will surpass 66 million units in 2014 -- an astounding 61% compound annual growth rate from 2010 shipments.
“As the principal inventor of NAND Flash memory, Toshiba is constantly evolving this technology to be the highest quality and most cost effective media for SSDs by working closely with innovative companies like SandForce,” said Shigeo Ohshima, Technology Executive, Memory Design and Application Engineering, Toshiba Corporation. “The SandForce SF-2000 SSD Processor, combined with our new 24nm NAND Flash memory provides an optimal SSD solution to enable accelerated deployment of thin-and-light notebooks as well as mainstream enterprise applications.”

To date, SandForce has shipped well over 2 million SSD Processors through more than 30 SandForce Driven and other SSD manufacturers in 18 months, validating the tremendous demand and market need for the performance and capability of the SandForce SF-1000 and SF-2000 product families. SandForce SSD Processors use innovative DuraClass™ technology with RAISE™ and patented and patent pending DuraWrite™ to optimize the entire user computing experience.

“Our award winning DuraClass technology includes a number of features enabling the industry’s highest level of reliability, endurance, performance, and power efficiency in a single SSD Processor solution,” said Thad Omura, vice president of marketing at SandForce. “We worked closely with Toshiba to expand DuraClass with additional advanced read recovery techniques vital to the successful operation of SSDs that use more aggressive NAND Flash process nodes.”

See the Technology Live at Flash Memory Summit, August 9-11!
SandForce will demonstrate the powerful combination of the Toshiba 24nm MLC Flash memory and its latest SF-2000 SSD Processor in a 2.5” SSD form factor during exhibition hours at booth #407-409 (Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California). The demonstration features the company’s 6 Gigabit-per-second (Gb/s) SATA SF-2000 SSD Processors with balanced read and write speeds up to 500 Megabytes per second and up to 60,000 IOPS with state-of-the-art, Toshiba 24nm Toggle Flash memory operating at 166 mega-transfers per second.

Other products on display include complete SandForce reference designs and non-HDD form factor SSDs from various SandForce Driven™ members.