Samsung's SideSync Technology Detailed On Video

Truth be told, it's kind of astounding to think about how long Android has been around, yet there are very few syncing solutions on the market that have reached critical mass -- perhaps none at all. Backing up and syncing the iPhone is nearly instinctive; just plug it into iTunes and watch the magic happen. Most people tend to use their Android phones in untethered fashion, and while the cloud certainly has its advantages, sometimes you'd just like to be able to back up your phone's content onto a nearby computer. Even if it's just for peace of mind.

Samsung is looking to make that process easier for those who opt for its phones and its PCs. The company's SideSync functionality has recently been detailed, and what we're seeing is simple, albeit impressive. When a Samsung phone is connected to a Samsung PC, users can see a virtual copy of their phone on the laptop, and command it via their keyboard. Need to send a text? Just use your computer's keyboard. Need to copy / paste text from your laptop to your phone? Go ahead. Need to use your mouse cursor on your phone's display? That's possible as well.

It's a pretty nifty tie-in between the two platforms, and all of that is in addition to syncing. Check out the video here; we wouldn't be surprised to see other Android phone OEMs take a similar tact.