Samsung's Rugged Xcover Cellphone Lasts Two Months On A Charge

How long can your phone stay alive before you see that dreaded "low battery" sign? A day? Maybe two? Three? If you said three or more, you're in an increasingly small group of individuals, particularly if you're a smartphone owner. But despite what you may think, some people actually see no need for owning one of those complex devices, and are quite alright with a conventional mobile.

Samsung knows this better than anyone, and they also know that some folks don't want to charge their handset each and every evening. The company's latest mobile phone, the ultra-rugged Xcover, is one of the more unique options available today. It's designed to take a real beating, and while it's thicker than most candybar mobiles, it's still pretty small for being so tough.

But the tough enclosure if just half of the story. It also houses a battery that can last for 67 days in standby. Yes, 67 days! We can't imagine why you'd even need a phone that doesn't have to be charged for around two whole months, but if you're using an IP54-certified phone in the wild, you may actually not see a power outlet for that long. If you start talking on a full charge, you'll get 22 full hours of talking on a single charge. It should be available next month in Europe for around $100, so it may be worth grabbing just as a secondary device.