Samsung’s Revolutionary 'See-Through' Trailer Concept Could Make Roads Safer

Nobody likes getting behind a semi-trailer truck. Those 18-wheelers typically drive slower than four-wheeled cars (not all the time, mind you), and because of their size, there's quite a bit of roadway that gets blocked. You can't see what's going on in front of the truck, and passing isn't always easy, especially if you're on a road where the passing lane is for opposing traffic. To solve those problems, Samsung is mounting giant displays on the back of 18-wheelers.

Those displays consist of a video wall made from four exterior monitors. Wireless cameras mounted to the front of the truck feed the monitors real-time visuals, allowing you to see what's in front of the semi-trailer so you can anticipate and react to potential dangers. It could also make passing the truck easier to do, so you have a better line of sight on opposing traffic.

Safety Truck

Samsung already developed and tested a prototype with a local B2B client in Argentina, a region with hundreds of one-lane roads. According to Samsung, the technology works and "can definitely save the lives of many people." That's an interesting claim, especially for anyone concerned that four giant monitors mounted to the back of a semi-trailer could distract rather than aid drivers.

The prototype is no longer available, though Samsung is ready to move forward with the next step, which is to perform any required tests to comply with existing national protocols in Argentina and get its paperwork in order (permits, approvals, etc).

Samsung chose Argentina because that's a country where something like this is needed most. All those one lane roads have contributed to an average of one person being killed in an automobile accident every hour. Eight of 10 automobile deaths occur on roads, mostly from people trying to pass vehicles in front of them.