Samsung's Latest SpinPoint Boasts One Head, Speedy Performance

When Samsung first introduced its F1 series of hard drives several years ago, the company was pushing its way through the terabyte barrier, joining a then elite club of high-capacity drive makers. Now in its fourth generation, Samsung is kicking off its new SpinPoint F4 series with a 320GB hard drive designed for "superior performance and high reliability," the company announced.

"Higher performance combined with increasing capacities continues to accelerate demand for 3.5” drives in desktops storage," said In-Chul Park, vice president of sales, storage systems division, Samsung Electronics. "The one-head platform of the new 7200rpm Spinpoint F4, packing up to 320GB of storage capacity per one head in half platter, delivers added reliability that our customers have come to expect from Samsung."

Samsung F3 pictured above

Utilizing a one-head design means there are less mechanical parts and thus less chances of hardware failure. The one-head construction also pays dividends in acoustics, but that isn't all. According to Samsung, the new F4 320GB not only offers 10 percent better read and write performance compared to the SpinPoint F1, but also consumes 7 percent less power.

Other hardware specs include a 7200RPM speed rotation, SATA 3Gbps interface, and 8MB/16MB buffer. Samsung says the SpinPoint F4 is available now to "key OEMS."