Samsung's HMX-U10 HD Camcorder Takes On Flip

YouTube took off like a rocket when it was introduced to the world a few years back, and with that adoption came the adoption of small, pocket-sized camcorders that could capture YouTube-sized clips for easy uploading. Up until now, there have only been a handful of options for those looking to grab a miniature camcorder: Flip Video's family, a few units from Creative and a Kodak device or two.

Today, Samsung is looking to join the fray with its stylish HMX-U10, an ultra compact camcorder that ups the ante over the competition by shooting in Full HD (1080p). Moreover, the cam can snap stills like a standard digital camera with its 10MP sensor. Samsung also throws on a one-touch "upload to YouTube" button that will easily transport videos from the device to the Web, though we'd recommend a broadband connection unless you've got loads of time to wait for the process to complete.

Other specs include a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor, a 2" LCD screen, 95g weight, dimensions of 56mm x 103mm x 15.5mm and Samsung's own built-in intelli-studio software, animated thumbnails, and versatile charging system. It's expected to be on sale this September 2009, though pricing details have yet to be announced.

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