Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 Shown On Video

The next generation of the Galaxy Tab is taking a step up, in size we mean. Rather than sticking with the smaller form factor, Samsung decided to match Apple (and others) by revealing a 10.1" Galaxy Tab at Mobile World Congress last month. While the Tab 10.1 was revealed, it hasn't really been seen much since the unveiling. So, what does this up-and-coming Android slate have in store for us? Looks of mapping goodness and a much bigger real estate landscape to play around on. We're still waiting for Samsung to get official with a price and release date for a variety of markets, but those who have been waiting patiently to see what it would be like to goof off with one, here's your chance. The video below showcases one day with the new Tab 10.1, and it definitely looks interesting. Quick, snappy, elegant -- we'll be trying to get you a review as soon as possible!