Samsung's Galaxy S Line Reaches The 100 Million Mark

Bragging is typically frowned upon, but hey -- when you're in a global war with a company that's never shy about flaunting impressive numbers, you might as well let the arrow fly. These arrows are flying from South Korea, as Samsung has just announced that a whopping 100 million Galaxy S smartphones have been sold to date, worldwide. Think about that number for a moment: 100,000,000. That's a lot of product, no matter where your loyalty lies.

The figure comes after the Galaxy S line was initially launched around three years ago (May 2010). The Galaxy S III is selling at much faster rate of 30 million in 5 months and 40 million in 7 months, after becoming a million seller in only 50 days after its release last May. Currently, its average daily sales are 190,000 units. The original Galaxy S and the GSII are obviously included in this number, with the GSII still selling like hotcakes at lower prices in up-and-coming markets.

Not a bad way to start the quarter, huh? So, how about that Galaxy S IV?