Samsung's Galaxy S IV To Implement Eye Scroll Feature

Samsung's Galaxy S smartphone line has surpassed the iPhone in a number of key areas, and for the first time, the mainstream public is awaiting a Galaxy launch just as seriously as they await an Apple launch. As the company continues to secure more and more of the mobile market, it's going to take more and more innovation to stay a cut above. According to a new Wall Street Journal report, the Galaxy S IV -- scheduled to launch on 3/14 -- one of those standout features will be quite the eye-pleaser.

In fact, it's Eye Scrolling. In a nutshell, the phone will watch how a person is viewing the phone, and if they pan down, the page will scroll accordingly. If they pan up or to the side, the page on the phone will move without the user lifting a finger. Samsung has already filed numerous trademarks related to eye scrolling, and it's sensible to think that such a feature may also come to the Note line in time. While touch is vital these days, giving users the ability to use their eyes as another input method would certainly be applauded. Now, if only games would take advantage as well...

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