Samsung's Galaxy S III Developer Edition Now On Sale

One has to wonder how far off the Galaxy S IV (or the next Nexus phone) is at this stage, but this still looking to grab a GSIII now have a more enticing option on Verizon Wireless. Originally, the GSIII that shipped to Verizon contained a locked bootloader, disallowing tweakers to install their own ROMs and generally have fun with the system. Months ago, Samsung promised to ship a special Galaxy S III Developer Edition to satisfy that demand, and now they've finally put it up for order. Presently, you can order the Pebble Blue version for $600 (16GB or $650 (32GB), with each one obviously unlocked and ready to have its ROM flashed. If you aren't into the Android hacker space, this phone probably won't be of interest to you, but at least Samsung's providing it for those that are. Of course, it would be even nicer if it would just ship the original GSIII without a locked bootloader...

Via:  Samsung
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