Samsung's Galaxy Bloatware Can Be Deleted If You Live In China

It should come as a surprise to no one that consumers hate bloat. It's been made clear time and time again, and it's a reality that hit Samsung hard earlier this month when it was hit with a lawsuit over it. It's not as though vendors are unaware of the desire to get rid of bloat, though. We covered earlier this week that Sony is one company soon to test the waters with a cleaner OS.

Well, at least for Chinese users, some relief is in sight. Samsung is soon going to be allowing Galaxy Note 3 users the ability to uninstall preinstalled software, of which there appears to be lots. According to those complaining about the bloat on the device, there are 44 preinstalled packages, but only 24 are required for the device to optimally run.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The unfortunate part of all this is obvious: it's exclusive to China right now. I might be a little naive here, but I feel like these "clean" OSes are going to become a trend and increase in popularity until the point when "bloated" phones are those that are inexpensive and have to be subsidized somehow.

If this, and Sony's recent move is any gauge to things, it seems companies are finally starting to "get it" - even if for some of them it requires a lawsuit.