Samsung’s Galaxy Ace 3 Specs Revealed in GLBenchmark Test Results, 1GHz Dual-Core and Jelly Bean

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4 may be Android's current hotness, but what about those who don't need something so high-end, nor want to go too low-end? For those, there's Samsung's Galaxy Ace 3, a phone all-but-confirmed thanks to a leak by - surprise, an online benchmark (GLBenchmark).

According to the specs acquired through the benchmark, the Ace 3 will support a resolution of 800x480, a Broadcom CPU (likely a dual-core) clocked at 1GHz, and a GPU carried on over from the S 2 Plus. Unlike many "low-end" devices, the Ace 3 is set to launch with the latest version of Android, 4.2.2, which ironically, would put this device ahead of many higher-end ones in that regard.

Samsung's last-gen Galaxy Ace 2

Speculation states that the Ace 3 will be a 4-inch device, include 1GB of RAM, a 5 megapixel rear camera and 4GB of internal memory. If this all proves true, then the Ace 3 looks to be quite an attractive offering. While it doesn't sport the beefiest SoC out there, its performance should still be ample enough for most purposes.

Not surprisingly, a launch date for the Ace 3 isn't known, but this leak leads us to believe that it could happen in the weeks ahead.

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