Samsung's ChatOn Service Reaches 100 Million Globally

WhatsApp, iMessage, Kik, Facebook -- the world is overrun with messaging apps and platforms, and we've stumbled upon a near infinite amount of ways to send short snippets of text and images to friends and colleagues around the world. But here's one you may have forgotten about: ChatON. That's Samsung's own chat app, and the company announced today that it now boasts a staggering 100 million users.

Of course, Samsung isn't clarifying that these are active users; they're just saying the install base is now up to 100 million. The service was launched in October 2011, hitting the 50 million subscriber mark in May 2013 and doubling that number to 100 million only four months later. That said, ChatON does work across platforms (even with PCs and featurephones), and there are clients for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Plus, it supports 63 languages across 237 nations, and the company's planning support for even more dialects by the year's end.

Are you a ChatON user? We can't say we've ever fallen for the program, but evidently it has gained massive uptake thanks to being pre-loaded on so many Galaxy products.