Samsung's AMOLED Beam SPH-W9600: It's A Smartphone And Pico Projector In One

Cellphones and smartphones with projectors haven't really taken off in America, but they're generating a lot of attention overseas. And we all know what happens to trends in the U.S. a few months after something goes big in Asia. Samsung has been at the forefront of projector phone development, and today they are introducing the latest one in the line: the SPH-W9600.

Called the AMOLED Beam, this is the followup to the Haptic Beam, and it's initially being introduced to Korea. Aside from having a large 3.3" WVGA touch panel, there's also a 5MP camera, T-DMB TV support, and an improved DLP projector.

Further details about the phone are scant, but it's safe to say that something like this could definitely show up on U.S. shelves before too long. Pico projectors have managed to sell well here, so having that kind of product tucked within a smartphone seems like a no-brainer purchase for the traveling salesperson (or most anyone else, really).