Samsung's 85" Ultra HD Television On Pre-Order For Nearly $38,000

One of the buzzwords to come out of CES last week wasn't really a world at all: it's 4K. But the term you'll be hearing more often is "Ultra HD." Samsung actually showcased an 85" Ultra HD monster at the show, and to those who generally complain that CES is full of concepts that never ship -- have a look at this. The company's 85S9 has already been listed for pre-sale in South Korea for prospective consumers. The price? A paltry 40,000,000 won, which rings up to nearly $38,000.

The 85" TV includes 2.2 speakers, a quad-core CPU to handle the Smart TV duties, and a Precision Black Pro LCD panel. It's unclear when the set will be available for purchase in other nations, but we're guessing that the elite in Samsung's homeland will have their assistants placing an order as soon as humanly possible. After all: who wouldn't want an 85" 4K television in their mansion?

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