Samsung’s 65-inch Frame TV Is A Digital Work Of Art For Your Living Room

It is a tale as old as time- one person wants a large, high quality television, while the other desires a television that will blend seamlessly with their decor. Samsung just announced “The Frame”, a 65-inch 4K Ulta HD television that can be used to exhibit art when not playing television shows or movies.

Dave Das, Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics for Samsung Electronics America, “With The Frame, we are changing how consumers actually view the TV itself. The entire concept of The Frame is unique and totally groundbreaking.”
samsung the frame

When the Frame is not being used to watch television and movies in 4K Ultra HD, it can be put in “Art Mode”. Users can choose to display professional works of art or photographs to suit their decor. The device has brightness and motion sensors that can automatically switch between the various modes. The Frame enters power-saving mode when no one is present and also adjusts its lighting so that in each of its modes, it always looks natural in its space.

The “Samsung Collection” will initially offer one hundred works from thirty-seven artists and photographers. The categories of art include landscapes, architecture, wildlife, drawings, digital art, action, still life, patterns, urban abstract, and “from above”. 

Owners will also have access to the Samsung “Art Store”. The Art Store currently has 300 works that have been curated by a handful of international organizations, galleries, and museums and will continue to add to their collection. Users will be able to purchase an individual piece of art for their Frame for $19.99 USD or subscribe to the entire collection for $4.99 USD a month.

samsung american headquarters
Samsung headquarters in the United States, Image from:

The Frame will be available as a 55-inch or 65-inch model. Owners of the 55-inch model can add on optional bezels in white, beige and walnut shades of real wood for $199.99 while a number of other bezels will be available for the 65-inch model for $249.99. The bezels are interchangeable and can be replaced if the owner alters their decor.

The Frame also includes a Invisible Connection cable and No Gap Wall Mount. The Invisible Connection is a single, transparent optical cable that connects the Frame to other devices. The No Gap Wall Mount means the Frame can be flush with a wall. The Frame is also compatible with Samsung’s Studio Stand.

The 55-inch Frame will ring in at $1,999 while the 65-inch model will cost $2,799. There is currently no release date.