Samsung's $425 Galaxy Note 8 Trade-In Promo For Former Note 7 Owners Has Some Caveats

If you were one of the unlucky former owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has offered you a big discount on its newest flagship. There are some caveats to the deal if you read the fine print. We already knew about a couple of the caveats of the trade-in program, including that you have to buy the device from Samsung directly to get the discount and that you have to prove you actually owned the Note 7 for the discount.

One big caveat is that the trade-in program for Note 7 owners is only offered in the U.S. for now. There is no word on if the program will be rolled out to other countries, and the trade-in deal is only good through September 30th. Proof that you owned the Note 7 has to be made and acceptable forms of proof include the original register receipt, credit card bill, carrier bill, or the contract/lease agreement. The big caveat here is that the proof you choose to use must clearly state that the device purchased was the Note 7.

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Perhaps the biggest caveat is that you do have to have owned a Note 7 AND trade in your current smartphone. And that $425 offer isn't guaranteed; it all depends on what condition your existing smartphone is in, so you could getting a lot less than the $425. If you have been using a cheap Android device that cost you $100 to buy after returning your Note 7, you certainly won't get the full $425 credit.

Your trade has to be able to power on and maintain charge, it must have a functioning screen, no cracks or breaks in screen, not on a blacklist of any kind, must have reactivation lock, factory reset protection and any other anti-theft software disabled. You also must have done a factory reset on the device you are trading.

Another big caveat is that your device must be fully paid for to be eligible. If you still owe money via your carrier contract, you won't receive a discount. If you get the discount and then your phone doesn't qualify, you will be charged full price for the Note 8. If your phone is in what Samsung deems bad condition, you get a scant $25 for it and you will be charged for the additional money. So while $425 is definitely a nice discount on the Note 8, you had better be prepared to meet all of the aforementioned criteria to reap that full amount.

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