Samsung's 2019 Smart TVs Can Remotely Access Your PCs And Smartphones

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Would you like to use the big screen in your living room to control devices like your desktop, notebook or even smartphone? Well, Samsung seems to think that the answer is a definite "yes", so it is enabling the functionality in its upcoming 2019 lineup of smart TVs.

The TVs will come preloaded with a feature called Remote Access, which is built using the VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform. Connections -- both wired and wireless -- are locked down using Samsung's Knox technology for Remote Access for those concerned about security.

So, how does it work? Well, once connected through Remote Access, you'll be able to use a keyboard and mouse to, for example, control a notebook computer upstairs in your bedroom. You would be able to perform just about any task that you could imagine from your smart TV as if you were sitting directly in front of your computer.

Samsung Remote Access 2

For the gamers out there, Samsung says that you'd even be able to use your mouse and keyboard to play games from a connected desktop PC. With that being said, Samsung didn't provide any insights into the kind of latency customers might expect or what kind of wireless router you'll need to have to enable Remote Access in the home.

“Samsung is committed to creating an intuitive and convenient user experience for consumers. With Remote Access, consumers will be able to easily access various programs, apps and cloud services installed on multiple connected devices directly through their TV screen,” said Hyogun Lee, Samsung's Executive VP of Visual Display Business. “We will continue to collaborate with our partners to expand the compatibility of Remote Access and provide more services to our users.”

We expect to hear more about Samsung 2019 Smart TVs and Remote Access next month at CES 2019, which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada.