Samsung Will Show Off Flexible Smartphone and TV Displays at CES

Perhaps Samsung's Galaxy S IV or V will sport a display that can bend over backwards without breaking or shattering into a million pieces. Such devices are coming, maybe sooner than you think. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month, Samsung will kick things off by demonstrating a flexible display intended for handsets.

According to CNet, one of Samsung Display's flexible screens measures 5.5 inches and features a 1280x720 HD resolution (267 pixels per inch). It's intended for smartphones, and given the size, it's probably primed for a future Galaxy Note device.

Flexible LCD

The mobile market isn't the only one Samsung Display is focusing on. In addition to a pliable 5.5-inch panel, the company will also bring to CES a flexible 55-inch display. At the rate things are going, we suppose that could also be used on a future Galaxy Note device (we kid, we kid)!

Joking aside, flexible panels in the 55-inch arena are probably best suited for businesses rather than home consumers. Imagine you're shopping in a mall or a department store and there's 55-inch display wrapped around a giant circular column pumping out in-store deals. That makes a bit more sense than putting one of these things in your home.