Samsung Wanted to Buy Sharp's Copier and Printer Business

Samsung's product portfolio is about as varied as it comes. Yes, Samsung is perhaps best known for its TVs and Galaxy line of handsets and tablets, but it also sells laptops, media players, camcorders, media cards, monitors, Blu-ray players, and even an extensive range of home appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers. Did you know Samsung sells printers, too? It does, and it reportedly tried to buy Sharp's copier and printer business.

According to Reuters, Sharp rejected Samsung's offer to buy its copier and printer business before agreeing on a deal that saw Samsung invest $110 million into Sharp for a 3 percent stake of the company.

Sharp MX-M1204

"We did get a proposal from Samsung, but we declined," a Sharp spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman didn't say how much Samsung offered, though it's interesting Sharp ultimately decided against it. Sharp is struggling just to stay afloat and has had to rely on hefty investments to pay off debt. Before Samsung, it was Qualcomm that invested $120 million into Sharp back in December.

This might not be the first time Sharp turned down an offer to buy its printer and copier business. In August 2012, there were reports that Sharp rejected an offer from Kyocera, though Sharp denied it was in discussions to begin with.