Samsung To Shut Down Boxee Cloud DVR Service This Month, TVs Could Get A Boxee Interface

With most tech-related mergers and acquisitions, there's generally a bit of excitement surrounding the news. But there's also some amount of fretting. In a lot of cases, companies will acquire another and then immediately shut things down. Yahoo recently did this with task-management app Astrid, for example. But in some cases, companies just leave well enough alone. For example, Yahoo's leaving Tumblr as it stood, despite acquiring that company as well. But in the case of Boxee, it looks as if the ill-fated axe will indeed fall.

Samsung snapped up Boxee for around $30 million, but those hoping that their Boxee Cloud DVR service would continue humming along will be in for an unfortunate surprise. That service, which was made available to select users in beta form, will shut down on July 10th. This means that those users won't have access to their existing recordings after 7/10.

Boxee apologies for the trouble, but there's no turning back. Hopefully, we'll see a similar approach added into Samsung wares in the near future. The Boxee interface could bring a much needed shot in the arm for Samsung's Smart TV experience, enhancing the complete solution.
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