Samsung To Ship First Android-Based Pico Projector Smartphone

There have been quite a few "world's first" in the smartphone world. World's first Android phone? Check. World's first WiMAX phone? Yep. World's first projector phone? Sure. But world's first projector phone running Android? Nope. Well, until now. Samsung, which has been making serious plays in the smartphone world, has announced that their "Beam" phone, which has Android and a built-in projector, will soon be shipping.

The phone itself is a real spectacle. It has a 3.7" touchscreen (Super AMOLED display), Android 2.1, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS, 802.11n Wi-Fi, an 8MP phone, FM radio, microSD slot and yes, a DLP-based pico projector. It's certainly a never-before-seen set of specifications, and the battery life of 7 hours of talk time is also fairly unheard of.

StarHub subscribers in Singapore will get the phone first starting on July 17, with other nations getting it later in the year. Samsung has yet to announce a North American release date, but it's safe to assume it will be after the Captivate (Galaxy S) has its turn in America. A price is also up in the air, but we suspect that something this unique won't come cheap initially. But hey, it's a smartphone and a projector in one...that has to count for something, right?