Samsung To Launch "Tap And Take" Digital Camera Range

The annual PMA camera conference isn't even close to happening again, but a slew of camera companies have seen fit to introduce new point and shoot models this summer. The latest of which appears to be Samsung, if a new teaser website is any indication of the company's true intentions.

The "Tap And Take" web portal just launched today, but it really doesn't do a lot of explaining. Instead, Samsung has designed it to tease viewers for ten straight days until its newfangled "Smart Cameras" are officially unveiled on August 13th. According to the company, the teaser campaign is quite deliberate, and the devices are on schedule to be launched this month. Each day from now until August 12th, viewers will be shown small new pieces of information about the new camera range, not to mention silhouettes of the products.

From what we can gather now, it looks like the new family of shooters will be small, compact cameras (as opposed to larger DSLRs), but other than that, everything else is left to the imagination. So, a new point and shoot line that fits the "Tap And Take" phrase. Any bright ideas as to what will be announced on August 13th?