Samsung to Launch 4G Galaxy Tab and Other Galaxy Devices

It looks like Samsung is one company that doesn't have any intention of singing the summertime blues. Instead, Samsung announced plans to ramp up its Android efforts to stay competitive in the growing tablet and smartphone markets, which includes releasing new Galaxy Tab models this summer.

The new versions of the Galaxy Tab will come in two other sizes, including an 8.9-inch slate and a 10.1-inch model. Both of these will sport the latest version of Android (Honeycomb), with the 10.1-inch version shipping in June for $499 to $599.

In speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Samsung says it expects tablet shipments to jump fivefold in 2011 to 7.5 million units, and the company is banking on Android accounting for many of those units.

"Android is the fastest-growing platform and the market direction is headed toward Android so we're riding the wave," said Younghee Lee, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Samsung.

He's not just blowing smoke, either. Samsung is heavily invested in Android, with more than half of the company's smartphones launched last year sporing Google's open-source OS. 4G is also growing in popularity, especially as all the major carriers look to expand their high-speed infrastructure. With this in mind, Samsung says it it in talks with carriers in South Korea and the U.S. to launch a 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) tablet, presumably later this year.