Samsung To Introduce Unbreakable Display For Next Gen Galaxy S IV

Some of us do it in the dark, others do it with the lights on. Heck, I've even done it in public, more than once. Yes, at some point or another, we all drop our smartphones (what did you think I was talking about?, and it's a little surprising it doesn't happen more often when you think about the number of times it gets handled in a normal day, let alone a busy one. If you're lucky, it will land face-side up, leaving just a few scuff marks on the chassis (provided it's not protected in a bulky case). But what if someone developed an unbreakable screen?

Sounds too good to be true, yet it's what some claim will be a standout feature of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone. Codenamed Project J, the Galaxy S IV is supposed to have a bigger and much better display, both in terms of durability and picture quality.

Cracked Galaxy S III

According to Reuters, Samsung is a frontrunner in developing unbreakable screens. That's because Samsung has a big interest in OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays, and a feature of OLED panels is that plastic material can replace glass substrate.

Stanford Bernstein analyst tells Reuters that it's just a matter of time before Samsung unveils an unbreakable display, and that it might be both foldable and flexible too.

"That's going to be a game changer," Bernstein said.

Whether or not that's really the case remains to be seen. For now, Samsung is keeping tight-lipped about the Galaxy S IV, which could debut as early as April 2013.