Samsung To Allow Removal Of Preinstalled Bloatware Apps On Galaxy S6

Thanks to the now-infamous Superfish software that resulted in a bad light being shone on Lenovo last month, people hate pre-installed software (aka: bloatware) more than ever. With its brand-new Galaxy S6, Samsung has proven that it understands where people are coming from, as it's gone out of its way to make sure that bloatware was simply not an issue, and that the experience overall is smooth and simple.

In a new blog post, Samsung fills us in a little bit: "The most meaningful change is how easy they are to use. Replacing ambiguous icons with clear text, reducing the need to scroll through lengthy menu options by removing 40% of features and steps, and removing cumbersome bloatware are just some of the ways the new format is intuitive and streamlined. The simple and powerful structure of the new UX was redesigned with the user in mind."

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The 'removing cumbersome bloatware' is key. For its Galaxy S6, Samsung's removed some of the bloatware we've come to expect, but at the same time allows users to disable most other pre-installed apps they don't want. I am not sure about you guys, but I think that's a design that should become standard, regardless of how premium or budget the device is. It could be argued that our desktop OSes tend to include a bunch of pre-installed software we can't just uninstall (at least easily), but the situation is a little different on phones, where space is much more limited.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Bloatware Disable

I think even more than that, though, vendors need to stop bundling so much software to begin with, even if it can be removed. With Superfish drawing so much ire the world over, this is a change that could come soon. Simplicity is the new hotness.