Samsung Takes Shots at iPhone 5 with New Galaxy S III Ad

Samsung may have lost its patent dispute with Apple, but it's winning the war of words with clever advertising. The mobile carrier took out a full page ad to highlight the differences between its own Galaxy S III smartphone and Apple's recently announced iPhone 5 device, the latter of which is racking up pre-orders at a feverish pace. Lest anyone bother to look at the specs, however, the Galaxy S III touts several advantages compared to Apple's latest and greatest.

We covered many of them already, but in short, the Galaxy S III boasts a bigger screen (4.8 inches versus 4 inches), a higher resolution display (1280x720 HD versus 1136x640), longer battery life, twice the amount of RAM (2GB versus 1GB), a microSD card slot for expandable storage, micro-USB port, NFC support, and several other goodies.
Galaxy S III

The iPhone 5, meanwhile, is thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S III, has an A6 processor that's yet to be fully benchmarked, and a highly touted camera that's supposed to excel in low light situations (something the iPhone 4S was pretty good at).

Which phone is better is a thing of personal preference and also depends on how heavily invested you are in either platform (Android or iOS), but clearly Samsung has the better marketing strategy. The ad, which we've reposted in full below, says "It doesn't take a genius" and then goes on to compare the two devices, with the Galaxy S III sporting a much longer feature-set.

Samsung Ad

Samsung took a similar approach when launching its Galaxy S II device, airing a commercial that poked fun of Apple fans standing in long lines only to purchase a supposedly inferior product. The mantra then is the same as it is now: "The next big thing is already here," Samsung says.