Samsung Takes Page From Google, Creates Product Innovation Team For Experimental Projects

It looks like Samsung is no longer content to rest on its laurels when it comes to product innovation. According to Korea Times, the company has just pulled a page out of Google's book by establishing a team that will have the sole focus of product creation.

According to the report, this team's focus will revolve around virtual reality, robotic telepresence, drones and robots, 3D printing, and unmanned vehicles. Not surprisingly, these are all areas that Samsung is currently unknown for but have huge potential right now, and even more so in the future.


Unlike Samsung's previous research teams, this one will have a lot more freedom thanks to the fact that it's not focused on just one thing. To some, this is the best way to spur innovation, and it's a move that Samsung has no doubt made thanks to the huge threat companies like Google and Apple have proven to be.

It's also an important move for the sake of never stalling, and never missing opportunities. Just earlier today, we we reported that Samsung has been mulling an exit from the Japanese smartphone market. It's hard to imagine that Samsung's offerings there were lackluster, but instead not every company can appeal to every market. If smartphones don't prove a hit there, drones or 3D printers might.

Whatever comes out of Samsung's new innovation team, it should be interesting to watch.

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