Samsung Stripe And Band Batteries Enhance Wearables, Supercharge Smartwatch Runtimes By 50 Percent

With consumers showing increased interest in smartwatches and fitness bands these days, there's a growing market for so-called wearables. It feels like we've just scratched the surface at this point, though if the category is to really take off the way smartphones and tablets both did, battery makers will have to step up their game. Enter Samsung and its new Stripe and Band batteries.

The South Korean electronics maker unveiled its new battery products at InterBattery 2015 in Seoul. Both products are positioned to enhance the battery life of wearables so users can spend more time using their smartwatches and fitness bands in between charges. That's no easy task considering the relatively small size of wearables.

Samsung Stripe

Samsung says its Stripe battery uses "cutting-edge materials," both internally and externally, resulting in an ultra-slim 0.3mm design. To make the most of the slim form factor, Samsung also said it minimized the width of the battery sealing to create a higher energy density compared to existing batteries.

Perhaps most importantly, the Stripe is able to bend and form to various form factors. That type of pliability opens the door to smart products that don't yet exist, such as necklaces, hairbands, t-shirt accessories, and whatever else inventors might come up with.

As for the Band, Samsung only has smartwatches in mind. When applied to the bands of any smartwatch, Samsung says its flexible Band battery boosts capacity by over 50 percent. Also notable is that it can withstand more than 50,000 bends.

The Stripe and Bend are both prototype products at this point. Samsung didn't say when they'll be ready for mass adoption.