Samsung Splashes Series 7 Gamer 14.3" Laptop With New GPU, Yellow Paint

If a gaming laptop is painted yellow, will it automatically become more powerful? No, this isn't a comic book -- this is real life. But, a yellow laptop generally involves more powerful innards, if history has any say. Samsung's latest gaming machine is indeed powerful, and it's getting more so with the latest refresh. The new Series 7 Gamer not only gets a brand new finish, but also a new GPU. There's an AMD HD 7870M in place of the old silicon, and a 14.3" 400 nit 3D LED display. That's right: a new 3D display for gamers who don't mind gaming with glasses on.

The new machine will also have two drive bays, with a 128GB SSD in one and a 1TB HDD in the other. You'll also get the usual array of powers, from USB 3.0 to a 3.5mm headphone jack to an Ethernet port. It's hard to say when this flashy beast is coming to other parts of the world, but the home turf of Korea should get it this month from around $2,600. No one said yellow laptops were cheap.