Samsung SpaceSelfie Satellite Crashes In Michigan Family's Backyard

space selfie
A Michigan family woke up to something quite strange in their backyard Saturday morning. Dan and Nancy Welke live in Gratiot County, which is about 45 minutes west of Saginaw. Nancy Welke says that she heard a crash in her backyard about 8:45 am Saturday morning as she and her husband were getting ready to go let their horses out.
spaceselfie face

What she found after investigating was that a Samsung SpaceSelfie satellite crashed in her backyard. The SpaceSelfie satellite was announced in a press release from the Samsung UK newsroom on October 16. The press release says that the SpaceSelfie mission was to put a Galaxy S10 5G aboard a craft that would be lofted to 65,000 feet above the earth to give customers a chance to get their face into space.

The mission used a "super-pressure high altitude balloon" that was half the size of a basketball court to ascend from a launchpad in South Dakota. The balloon carried the large white metal contraption seen lying on its side in the Facebook post embedded above. Power for the payload aboard the craft and the smartphone was provided from solar panels.

Reports indicate that Samsung says that the landing was planned, and no injuries occurred in the incident. The SpaceSelfie craft appears to be mostly intact, but reports do indicate that the large balloon came down several miles away on power lines. Since the balloon was in the power lines, power had to be shut off in the area to extract it, and roads were closed. Samsung noted in an announcement that "weather conditions" forced an early "soft" landing in a rural area. Samsung did apologize for any inconvenience the accident may have caused.