Samsung Smart TV SDK Lets You Control Appliances From Your TV

The completely connected home has long been a dream of futurists, and little by little that’s becoming a reality. The Internet of Things is growing, and smart TVs are a big part of that trend as they continue to ship with more and more intelligence baked in. Samsung’s latest SDK for its Smart TVs includes more than just the ability to pull in and view content from a multitude of sources; it ostensibly allows you to control appliances in your home.

Samsung says that the new Smart TV SDK 5.0 will enable you to control the refrigerator, air conditioning, lighting, and so on with the Samsung Smart TV application. The SDK also offers the ability for developers to use HTML5 standards to foster easier app development, PNaCL technology to alleviate Smart TV model compatibility concerns, and better multi-screen and browser-based IDE features.

Samsung Smart TV

“We plan to provide more various platforms and improve a development environment to expand the Smart TV app ecosystem,” said YoungKi Byun, Vice President of Software Research & Development Team, Samsung Electronics.

You can download the Smart TV SDK 5.0 beta from the Samsung Developers Forum starting today.