Samsung Ships Wi-Fi Galaxy Camera: It's Android, On A Point-And-Shoot

Samsung's Galaxy Camera is most certainly a bold try at creating an entirely new segment by merging two existing ones (smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras), but for those who aren't willing to pony up for the AT&T-infused version, there's also a Wi-Fi only model. Samsung has announced this week that the Wi-Fi Galaxy Camera is shipping now for $450, offering a standard camera alongside Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), access to Google Play, and support for a variety of camera apps -- Instagram included.

The camera itself boasts a 21x optical zoom, 16MB CMOS sensor, and a 4.8" HD Super Clear Touch LCD. It also integrates a new Photo Wizard tool, featuring a comprehensive set of 35 editing features, designed to take advantage of the camera's high-resolution touchscreen and make powerful enhancements on-the-go. Additionally, the Smart Content Manager offers innovative organizational tools for photos, with options to quickly and easily create folders and tags or suggest which photos can be deleted if they don't come out the way the user intended. Lastly, Samsung's Paper Artist app allows users to creative stylize and edit their photos with options for users to create new images that appear to be sketch-drawings or watercolor paintings.

So, you picking one up? Or is your existing smartphone's camera good enough?