Samsung Sells 10 Million Galaxy S4 Handsets In Less Than 1 Month

10 million is a nice, round number. And if you sell 10 million units of anything, you've certainly earned yourself a pat on the back. Earlier this year, LG announced that it had sold 10 million LTE-enabled phones across all of its lines, but that's still not as spectacular as Samsung selling 10 million Galaxy S3 units in under two months. But now, even that record is looking a little shoddy. The Galaxy S4 has soared to 10 million sales in the first month of it going on sale.

After launching April 27th, Samsung has seemingly had little issue finding folks who want to upgrade. The Galaxy S4 sets a new record for Samsung, generating sales quicker than any of its predecessors. Sales of the Galaxy S III reached the 10-million mark 50 days after its launch in 2012, while the Galaxy S II took five months and the Galaxy S seven months to reach the same milestone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in more than 110 countries and will gradually be rolled out to a total of 155 countries in cooperation with 327 partners. No doubt, that kind of spread has helped matters, but it seems that Samsung's going one step further, as it'll soon be rolling out new color variations to meet even more preferences and demands. In addition to the currently available White Mist and Black Forest, new color iterations will be added this summer, including Blue Arctic and Red Aurora, followed by Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn.