Samsung Rumored To Have Stand-Alone Smartwatch Ready For Summer Release

The term "smartwatch" is an interesting one. Yes, these watches are "smart," but there's a limit to the intelligence. Most of them require, at the very least, a partner device to do the thinking. Smartwatches aren't so smart without a smartphone hanging around and giving orders via Bluetooth. But evidently, that's about to change.

A new report suggests that Samsung is looking to introduce a stand-alone smartwatch, which will be able to make calls without having to lean on a smartphone. It's aiming to produce the holy grail of wearables, which is a device that's self-sufficient and can handle all facets of communication without being a slave to a master device. To date, Samsung has produced the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Gear 2, both of which require a phone nearby to be of any real use. The Gear Fit is more of a fitness-minded wearable that hits at a lower price point.

The future, however, would see a Samsung-built wrist-worn device that'll take photos, handle email, navigate via GPS, monitor your heart rate, and yes, make calls. It's the kind of watch that a spy would likely don in a high-budget motion picture, and if rumors are true, it could be on sale to the public as early as this summer.

Perhaps the biggest question revolves around design: how bulky will it have to be to house a SIM card and a battery large enough to keep it ticking for more than a single day? And beyond that, how significant will the cost be?