Samsung Reviews Working Conditions At Chinese Factories, Promises Changes

In response to a report by China Labor Watch last month, Samsung promised to look into working conditions at one of its suppliers, HEG Electronics in Huizhou, China. Now, Samsung is ready to release its findings from that field audit.

Although the company didn't find any child labor violations, it did find some things at the facility that weren't up to its standards. More specifically, Samsung found "several instances of inadequate management and potentially unsafe practices" including a system of fines for lateness or absences (which is banned in China), inadequate access to a medical clinic, and instances of overtime that exceeded the legal limit.

Samsung has demanded that HEG improve these conditions immediately and has threatened to pull its contract with the company should HEG ever fail to meet Samsung’s zero tolerance policy on child labor.

To ensure all sites within its supply chain are compliant with the company's policies, Samsung intends to complete on-site inspections for all of its 105 supplier companies in China that produce products solely for Samsung by the end of this month. An additional 144 supplier companies in China will be reviewed by the end of the year. These companies produce products for Samsung and other companies.