Samsung Reaches Higher With 1.5TB EcoGreen HDD

Sometimes, there's no point in challenging the current king. Instead, it's much simpler to just sit back, concede to second place and leave all the stress to the aforementioned champion of the domain. That seems to the be mantra wrapped into Samsung's latest desktop hard drive, which falls just 500GB shy of matching Western Digital's current top-of-the-line 2TB internal HDD.

The 1.5TB EcoGreen F2EG hard disk drive is still incredibly spacious, providing 500GB per platter and enough storage room to please all but the most incessant of pack rats. Andy Higginbotham, director of HDD sales and marketing for the Samsung Semiconductor Storage Division, seemed pretty proud of the whole ordeal: "Lower platter count means less power to start the motor, less power to continuously spin the motor and a lighter head-stack which takes less power to seek. With fewer heads and disks, the F2EG hard drive has a lower probability of head-disk failures, enabling customers to build more reliable systems."

In order to effectively join the green bandwagon here, Samsung implemented its EcoTriangle technology, which vaguely works to drive 40 percent less power consumption in idle mode and 45 percent less in reading/writing mode than competitive drives. As expected, this new drive operates on the SATA interface and employs advanced PMR technology. Thankfully, 1.5TB of space will only set you back $149, so you can make it your mission to track one down today and finally get that "low disk space" warning to vanish forever.