Samsung Pay Makes Leap From Smartphones To Smart TVs

In-app purchases are coming to late-model Samsung Smart TVs, thanks to new payment system with the straightforward name Samsung Pay On TV. Anytime you want to load up on gems, gold, or other digital merchandise, you’ll be able to make the purchase with just a few taps on your remote.

SmartPay TV Main 1

Samsung Smart TV supports PayPal accounts and credit or debit cards. Initially, you’ll enter your PayPal or credit account login info with the on-screen Samsung Secure Keyboard. One nice touch: If you already have a Samsung mobile device, you should be able to transfer your account info and payment methods immediately, without having to re-enter all that info.

SmartPay TV Main 2

SmartPay TV Main 3

Once your PayPal or credit card information is in the system, you won’t need to enter it again. Whenever you need to pay for something, you’ll see a screen that shows the details of the transaction and a Pay Now button. Select the button, enter a four-digit PIN, and you’re done. Samsung Pay On TV emails you the receipt for your records. 

SmartPay TV Main 4

A feature launch like this always comes with a bevy of apps that support it, and Samsung Pay On TV is no different. It’s kicking off payment support with Buddy & Me, Casino World Championship, Deer Hunter, Eternal Warrior 3, Frontline Commando: DDAY, Gamefly Streaming and Golf Star, with more on the way.

SmartPay TV Main 6

Samsung Pay On TV will be appearing on certain 2014 and 2015 Samsung Smart TVs. Samsung says TVs in 32 countries will have the new payment feature, but it hasn’t indicated yet whether existing TVs will receive Samsung Payment On TV as an update.