Samsung Packs Servers With 32GB DDR3 RDIMMs

Samsung Electronics has finally put to good use its 4Gb low-power memory chips – the ones they had announced earlier this year - and begun shipments of their high-density 32GB DDR3 registered DIMMs.

The modules are built on Samsung's own 50nm process, operate at 1.35V - slightly lower than the standard 1.5V - and the company hopes it'll meet the demand for less power-hungry hardware that currently drives the industry.

According to the company the 4Gb DDR3 modules improve throughput by about 20 percent over a regular 1.5V DDR3, and pack a massive 72 memory chips plus register control (ie: 1 row of 8+1 stacks of 4 chips on each side of the DIMM), maximizing memory density and efficiency.

Heat in datacenters, as you can imagine, is a major concern both as a danger to hardware and as a cost to operations, and Samsung hopes this will play the right tune for an integrator's delicate ears.

The DDR3 DIMM market is completely dominated by Intel today and this should give the latter yet another leg-up in its battle against the Opterons. Pack 6 of these into an Intel 5500-based system and you’re effectively maxing out the system.  Price was nowhere to be found, but expect to pay top dollar for saving the environment.