Samsung Opens Campus Doors To Silicon Valley Headquarters In San Jose

Samsung on Thursday formally welcomed visitors to its brand new $300 million campus in San Jose, California. The 1.1-million square-foot site is located on the same corner in San Jose's tech corridor where Samsung's original campus was first built over three decades ago, though this is quite a different facility.

The creation of a new Device Solutions America headquarters brings more than 700 employees together into a state-of-the-art building with various amenities, including "chill zones," one of many perks to attract top engineers. There's room for up to 2,000 employees at the facility, which consists of various research labs dedicated to semiconductors, LEDs, and displays. It also accommodates staff in sales, marketing, and other support areas.

Samsung Campus

"We are transforming Samsung into a world-class example of a truly market-focused technology company,” said Oh-Hyn Kwon, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung. He added that the company is “laying the groundwork for a more aggressive pace of growth over the next several decades."

Samsung Campus Recreation

Measuring 170-feet tall, the 10-story structure is composed of a series of two-store office buildings stacked on top of one other. Sandwiched in between these buildings are a series of "green floors" with gardens and other areas of recreation, along with a lot of open space.

"This open space, generative design is essential for collaboration and enabling more frequent discussions, and impromptu, spur-of-the-moment interactions that are the genesis of many great ideas and bonds between employees," Samsung says.

Samsung Campus Windows

Samsung also said it established a $1 million STEM College Education Scholarship Fund to celebrate its latest expansion.