Samsung Is Cooking Up Sizzling 90Hz OLED Displays For Laptops In 2021

samsung 90hz 14 oled
We’ve been hearing a lot on the display front from Samsung during the opening days of 2021. Just last week, Samsung revealed its vision for under-display webcams, which would allow laptops with OLED displays to have ultra-slim bezels all around (screen-to-body ration of 93 percent, versus around 85 percent on traditional laptop displays). Today, Samsung is talking up a new innovation with OLED displays for laptops, and this pertains to cranking the refresh rate up to 90Hz.

OLED displays up until this point for laptops have featured a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is fine for general productivity work, but not exactly optimum for high FPS gaming. That’s where the 90Hz panels comes into play, and Samsung says that it will “initially produce very large quantities” of 14-inch panels for its long list of customers. 

You’re of course going to need something with a bit more horsepower than what is typically found with integrated graphics solutions on gaming laptops to hit 90 fps or higher in current AAA titles. But Samsung contends that “consumers will quickly warm to the opportunity” to go with a 90Hz OLED panel option for smoother action on-screen

Samsung is also working on under-display webcams for its OLED displays

As an added benefit, Samsung is claiming that even though its new OLED panels are spec’d for 90Hz, because the display response time is 10x faster than traditional panels, performance is more in line with 120Hz LCD panels. We’d have to see this in action first, but we’ll take Samsung at its word for now…

At this point, Samsung has not specified what resolutions will be offered with these new 14-inch 90Hz OLED displays, or how much of a price premium we could expect to pay over a comparable 60Hz OLED display. With that being said, Samsung says that the first laptops shipping with these high refresh rate panels will arrive later this year.