Samsung Finally Agrees To Monthly Android Security Updates For Unlocked Galaxy Smartphones

For whatever reason, Samsung had only been doling out security updates to unlocked Galaxy devices every three months in the United States. Given the growing threat landscape and attention being paid to mobile, that meant a Galaxy device owner could conceivably wield an insecure device for a quarter of a year, leaving him or her vulnerable to whatever exploit(s) might exist. Well, good news—Samsung is moving to a monthly schedule.

Samsung's mobile security division is now telling inquisitive owners of unlocked Galaxy devices to let them know of its new policy. In its letter, Samsung explained that "various circumstances" were to blame for the previous three-month roll-out schedule for security updates, but that it has conquered whatever "challenges" stood in its way and will now kick out updates every month.

Galaxy S7 Edge

"Due to various circumstances, we have been releasing security updates for unlocked (open) Galaxy devices in the U.S. on a quarterly basis. However, we have now resolved the challenges; and we are committed to releasing security updates for those devices on a monthly basis," Samsung is telling users. "We plan to release this month's security update soon and you can be rest assured that it will include all security patches to date."

Samsung's above statement was received by a ZDNet reader who inquired about the frequency of security updates. The site received the exact same response when it sent an inquiry of its own, so it would appear that Samsung has instructed its mobile security division to put the word out (at least when asked) that monthly updates are the new policy.

This is good news not just for current owners of unlocked Galaxy devices, but also those who plan on purchasing an unlocked Galaxy S8 when it arrives. The unreleased handset recently passed FCC certification and will presumably launch at the end of next month.